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Martin Smith - Founder & Hotel Software Developer

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It all started in the mid-90s when Martin was working at his parents hotel in York, experiencing the challenges of running a busy, well organised hotel.

As something of a computer nerd at school, it comes as no surprise that Martin began to write bespoke software for the hotel. In the background he studied Business & Finance, and developed Resident Pro software to improve all aspects of reception work, including the easy management of bookings, takings, deposits, debts, plus seamless links to EPOS tills in the bar/restaurant. As word got out, the hotel software was soon installed in two nearby hotels.

Fast forward to the new millennium, now with many more happy clients, and building on improving all the little things, 20 years of hands-on experience was invaluable. The software was autonomously delivering commission-free direct online bookings, and automating agencies to generate additional sales during quieter times.

Today, Martin helps independent hoteliers implement the Resident Pro system with appropriate add-ons, to make life easier - onsite and online!

Resident Pro is the complete hotel system with premium features at an affordable price

sentiment_satisfied Commission free, no hidden fees    
verified_user Robust, well-established UK software for hotels    
place Onsite or Remote Installation    
construction Software fully customised
help_center Getting started training and advice    
support_agent Ongoing support for you and your key staff    
people Liaise with your web designer or IT support, EPOS dealer, Abloy Smartair dealer, etc.
face A personal service    
cottage Installed in over 100 small to medium independent hotels in the British Isles    
public Works in International hotels (English)    
arrow_downward currency_pound Reduce costs, fees and unnecessary duplication    
"As a youngster I loved software code, and later imagined how the right software could benefit our family hotel business - which I knew inside out! It's good to write something you know a lot about, so I developed Resident Pro. It's made in Yorkshire, with no hard-sell, or baffling computer jargon!" INCORPORATED 2011


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Resident Pro Hotel Software    
Resident Pro is a complete, affordable hotel software system, helping manage all your bookings, deposits and invoices, function diary, balance daily sales, automate online bookings, link to PDQ's, EPOS tills, and autonomous keyless door entry. But along the way, it does so much more! A complete all-in-one hotel management system with an experienced hotel software developer on your side.    

System training and UK support    
"I design trusted UK hotel software [Property Management Software PMS] specifically for independent hotels, to bring everything you need together without the high price tag! I pride myself in after-sales support, but don't just take my word for it, read the testimonials and reviews on every page..."


Victoria Hotel
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❝Resident Pro is a must for Hoteliers, it gives me everything I need to operate my business, up to date bookings, links to Booking.com, all my statistics that I need, financials, occupancy levels etc…etc… Most of all, the service from Martin is first class, he is contactable and is on hand to resolve all your problems. It has been a major part in my business growth. Thank you.❞
Visit Andrew Fiddler, Victoria Hotel

Geogian House
❝It's really good to see the system developing over the years and the little tweaks you have given it this year haven't gone un-noticed!❞
Graham Smith, Georgian House & Mews

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