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Encourange MORE Direct Sales

Roombasket for Resident Pro automates commission-free online bookings on your own website. Updates your forever changing availabilities, and allows you to sell direct prices, extras, and Gift Vouchers, and apply discounts that you don't always give to agencies. When you are away from the hotel you can login to your Roombasket Extranet to see all your bookings on Resident Pro. Roombasket also allows your guests to checkin online, view their bill on their mobile, and receive SMS text alerts.

Allow guests to book on your website at the best price! No commission!

Allow me to fully configure your online links to automate them via Resident Pro

shopping_basket Roombasket Booking Engine for your website
show_chart Commission free direct bookings
redeem Gift Vouchers (no added fees)
create Roombasket Content Management
liquor Upsell champagne & flowers etc.
show_chart Maximise sales with dynamic discounts
credit_card Optional Payment Gateway
Self checkout
cloud_upload Extranet login for info on the go
Online checkin
cloud Link Channel Manager to your agencies


Online Payment Gateway



Channel Manager

Login to your hotel Extranet from any device when you're away from the hotel desk


Wensleydale Heifer
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"The Resident Pro system is perfect for our 13 room hotel, as a very busy place it is very important that we have a system that is easy to use and also that saves us time. What is the most important benefit of the Resident Pro system is the support from Martin, this has been invaluable over the last nine years and almost every time we call Martin is on hand to help us out. Martin also listens to feedback and has been happy to adjust his program to incorporate new features that we required. We would highly recommend the Resident Pro system to any business"
Visit David Moss, Wensleydale Heifer

White House Hotel
"Having never used an online booking engine before, we have been very impressed at how easy and user friendly Roombasket is, nine months in and we're still finding new things that the Resident Pro system does, and every one of them very useful."
Dave Galea, White House Hotel

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