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A complete all-in-one system of work to help you run your hotel and record your sales - without the high price tag!

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What is Resident Pro, Roombasket and the Channel Manager?

Resident Pro is the main hotel software, on your Windows pc at reception or on your local area network of pc's at the hotel

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Roombasket is your commission-free Booking Engine (BE) for your website to allow guests to book with you directly, check-in ahead of arrival, or view "My bill"

Roombasket Extranet When you are away from the hotel you can login from any device to view all your Resident Pro bookings on the cloud

Channel Manager is an optional service which connects Resident Pro to your favourite online travel agencies (OTA's) such as Booking.com



Computer says "Yes!"

Your everyday systems should be routed within your premises with your staff and guests, and not merely a rented cloud service on some other businesses computer. Should your internet connectivity ever let you down, Resident Pro for Windows will continue working, so when you're face-to-face with guests, you can too! What's more, when you're away from the desk you can login to the Roombasket Extranet from any device for information on the go.    

Pictorial Diagram of Hotel System

Lite versus Professional

The Professional and Lite Editions of Resident Pro come with a Studio of optional tools to integrate your hotel systems. The simple Lite Edition has no invoice numbers on bills, no daily balances and no history. The Professional Edition is the most popular, a fully accountable system with staff logs and financial control.
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Hedley House Hotel
"Resident Pro is VERY cool, I really enjoy using it – you’ve done a great job! Resident Pro has brought a new dimension to the running of Hedley House Hotel. It has provided me with the tools to take the hotel forward in a rapidly changing hospitality industry. Keeping all of the information we need at our finger tips to help make running a busy hotel easier. Resident Pro does so much more than I ever expected from a reservation program. Accounting, advertisement reporting / managerment, stock control, and much much more. I have not looked back. It is a pleasure to use and makes the day to day running of the hotel efficient and in lots of ways more enjoyable."
Greg Harrand, Hedley House Hotel

Rivelyn Hotel
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“We decided to go ahead with Resident Pro for our 59 bedroom hotel because other systems totally rely on the internet and Resident Pro has book keeping behind it."
Linda Soden, Rivelyn Hotel

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