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Reef Villa, Sri Lanka
❝Resident Pro is far more than just user friendly software that is perfect for a small hotel. The channel manager takes the headache and worry out of updating all the OTAs, and the Roombasket reservation system allows guests to easily reserve and book. We also use Resident Pro so any time we can obtain reports to see at a glance our bookings. And of course it's all commission free. But for us what is of immense value and irreplaceable is Martin's support and unlimited patience. That is invaluable.❞
Visit Bernadette Barker, Reef Villa

Argyll House
Read Review
❝After much research we chose Resident Pro over other providers for many reasons, it is UK based, has all the same or similar offerings to more expensive offerings, and is designed for small to medium hotels and guesthouses. I have been using Resident Pro for several years, and it does everything required, the software is fairly easy to use, and understand. As well as the Reservation Chart, you can manage maintenance, check forward bookings to see where you are financially, so it also helps to manage your business.❞
Tom Hayward, Argyll House Hotel

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